Primal Connection

So what’s important in all this for brands? Well, we practice what we preach. 18 months ago, we went through an enormous rebrand as a company. And semiotics played a role in helping us understand where and how the ITV brands should position themselves for viewers.

This informed how we defined our brand position as the heart of popular culture. It also helped us define our emotional connection with our viewers – in terms of our logo and colours, plus the look, tone and feel of our channel idents and imagery.


We like to think that we’re all rational decision makers, although as advertising experts we know that decisions are often made emotionally: people prefer to follow the herd when making decisions, so that their decisions can be validated.

Brands know they need to appeal to consumers on an emotional level to connect with them, to be accepted into the tribe on a long term basis. This research can help them do just that.

Our research proves that bonding moments created by ITV content lead to stronger ad engagement. It’s simple: because we’re paying more attention to the programmes, we pay more attention to the advertising. And when we’re more interested in the brands advertised, we’re more likely to talk about the ads, search out the products or spend our hard-earned cash on them.

Hear what our expert, Matt Locke Founder of Storythings and Media Theorist, has to say on Primal Connection:

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