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Now we know WHY we need to connect with each other to function as a human society.

We always have.

Our research has identified three key components that symbolise when bonding moments are taking place.


Gathering People Together

A shared reference point which a particular group can understand and wants to engage with. Provides shared belief.


Bringing People Together Emotionally

An experience which requires you to be present and engaged. Ensures shared emotion.


Giving People an Enduring Experience

An experience that lives beyond the moment itself. Connecting beyond themselves.

And we do this through cultural experiences and common shared moments. We are adapting to modern life’s barriers to bonding by finding new ways to physically connect, whether it’s secret supper clubs, night running clubs or knitting circles.

BUT… there’s one thing more powerful than any of these that’s proven in its ability to connect.

And that’s TV! But you knew we were going to say that, didn’t you?

One of TV’s strengths plays into the scarcity of the shared “live” moments that we experience. ITV’s content - shows like Broadchurch, or I’m a Celebrity Get Me Out of Here - are events that genuinely create a feeling of social communication and bonding. 60% of all the people we asked as part of the research agreed that nothing beats the TV for bringing people closer together, and this was prevalent across all different age groups.

TV fulfils primal needs – it connects us with each other via shared cultural experiences better than ever.

ITV is ideally placed to deliver these because of our focus on human stories. We reach across the country and unite audiences, no matter what their gender, class or age…

We deliver more bonding moments and more high intensity bonding moments than any other channel AND we’ve identified these moments across the ITV schedule – it’s not just all about Saturday night.

In fact, 8 out of the top 10 high intensity bonding moments were on ITV.


Hear what our expert, Dr Tom Chatfield, has to say on ITV Primal Screen:

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